Sketch #14 Trump kiss my ass with your global warming is not a thing.

I am here, with a mirror, in one of the dimensions of time. I am not sure which one anymore. They appear to mingle.
When I look down at the live webcam image of my telephone the sun is there, but when i look up it's cloudy.
A police officer on a motorcycle stops and politely asks me the get off the street. Back on the sidewalk I look down at my screen again to see him and i talk.

Ps my mother took screenshots from live webcams in and around Amsterdam when I signaled with a mirror to her. Suddenly I realise Trump must have had a mother to.

Thanks to Tamar van Haastrecht. Renda Van der Burg, Poike Stomps, Marianne beuken en Femke Dee

1497509003_Sketch14_1_.jpg 1497520812_Sketch14Trumpkissmyasswithyourglobalwarmingisnotathing_1_.jpg 1497520813_Sketch14Trumpkissmyasswithyourglobalwarmingisnotathing_5_.jpg 1497520813_Sketch14Trumpkissmyasswithyourglobalwarmingisnotathing_3_.jpg 1497520813_Sketch14Trumpkissmyasswithyourglobalwarmingisnotathing_4_.jpg 1497520812_Sketch14Trumpkissmyasswithyourglobalwarmingisnotathing_2_.jpg 1497520813_Sketch14Trumpkissmyasswithyourglobalwarmingisnotathing_6_.jpg