Sketch #011  We Can Be Heroes

Tourist, it's a weird state of being. Everything about life is different once we are in an 'exotic' world. We wander, we behave differently, yet we all behave more or less the same.

This week's Sketch is a co-photo production with Tamar van Haastrecht.

1495188136_Sketch11Weareheroes_2_.jpg 1495188135_Sketch11Weareheroes_1_.jpg 1495188136_Sketch11Weareheroes_3_.jpg 1495188137_Sketch11Weareheroes_4_.jpg 1495188137_Sketch11Weareheroes_5_.jpg 1495187655_Sketch11Weareheroes_1_.jpg 1495188137_Sketch11Weareheroes_6_.jpg 1495188138_Sketch11Weareheroes_7_.jpg 1495188138_Sketch11Weareheroes_8_.jpg