Sketch # 06    a window is a hole in a wall. 

A window is a hole in a wall. The funny thing is that if you can look through it, others can do the same. During the day and from a higher altitude you feel unobserved and safe, you can watch the outside world below. 
But when the twilight sets in and it slowly becomes dark things turn around.

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1492200096_Sketch06awindowisaholeinawall_1_.jpg 1492200096_Sketch06awindowisaholeinawall_2_.jpg 1492200188_Sketch06awindowisaholeinawall_3_.jpg 1492200188_Sketch06awindowisaholeinawall_2_.jpg 1492200097_Sketch06awindowisaholeinawall_3_.jpg 1492200097_Sketch06awindowisaholeinawall_4_.jpg