Sketch # 05 Hold still

Most people tend to touch each other, after I ask them to take a moment for a photo. It makes me wonder about how well we know the other, or even ourself. We have this idea about how we see ourselves and yet we may be surprised or even embarrassed to see what we look like in a picture. What do we mutually allow our partner to see of us. What do we rather hide? What are we proud of? Even when you don't see the other, they are still there. It somehow gives us four eyes.

1491561894_Sketch05Holdstill_3_.jpg 1491561595_Sketch05Holdstill_1_.jpg 1491561899_Sketch05Holdstill_8_.jpg 1491561893_Sketch05Holdstill_2_.jpg 1491561898_Sketch05Holdstill_7_.jpg 1491561895_Sketch05Holdstill_4_.jpg 1491561896_Sketch05Holdstill_5_.jpg 1491561892_Sketch05Holdstill_1_.jpg