Sketch # 04 Green Fortress

Welcome to the fourth Sketch Letter! Over the course of a full year I will send out a Sketch Letter every Friday containing a new photographic sketch. It wil be hot from the press, unpublished and made over the course of that very week.

Sketch # 04 Green Fortress. Funny creatures we are, Everybody wants a green fortress, but nobody a wall. I see a somtimes even desperate urge to ban the eye of the outside observer. Some of them look pretty grim. Others do make me smile, it is a moving thought to realize how much effort and even love has been spent in in those peculair bulwarks.

1490954242_Sketch04GreenFortress_1_.jpg 1490954242_Sketch04GreenFortress_2_.jpg 1490954244_Sketch04GreenFortress_4_.jpg 1490954245_Sketch04GreenFortress_6_.jpg 1490954246_Sketch04GreenFortress_8_.jpg 1490954248_Sketch04GreenFortress_11_.jpg 1490954244_Sketch04GreenFortress_5_.jpg 1490954247_Sketch04GreenFortress_9_.jpg 1490954247_Sketch04GreenFortress_10_.jpg 1490954248_Sketch04GreenFortress_12_.jpg 1490954243_Sketch04GreenFortress_3_.jpg 1490956670_Sketch04GreenFortress_1_.jpg 1490957278_Sketch04GreenFortress_1_.jpg