Sketch # 002 Tornado. 

If you look at anything long enough it seems to turn into something else. It felt strangely intimate to get so close to someone that I could see the skin under their hair. Most people sensed me behind them and we ended up chatting and although I have forgotten their faces I still remember their words.

1489743352_Sketch002Tornado_5_.jpg 1489743350_Sketch002Tornado_1_.jpg 1489743351_Sketch002Tornado_3_.jpg 1489742213_Sketch002Tornado_1_.jpg 1489743351_Sketch002Tornado_4_.jpg 1489743471_Sketch002Tornado_1_.jpg 1489743350_Sketch002Tornado_2_.jpg 1489743471_Sketch002Tornado_2_.jpg 1489743472_Sketch002Tornado_4_.jpg 1489743473_Sketch002Tornado_6_.jpg 1489743473_Sketch002Tornado_5_.jpg 1489743472_Sketch002Tornado_3_.jpg