The good thing about making a photo-book is that once it is there, the
work is finished. At least until the '83 days of Darkness' book was
finished I always thought it was like that.

A week after the book presentation, I went cycling through the Alps
with some friends and I ran in to a subject that I wish I could have
added to the book.
In a small mountain cabin I found some old black and white photographs
with mountain peeks of the Italian dolomites hanging on the wall.
Somebody had pointed out climbing routes to the top of mountain. The
routes were stripes and little dots carved out with a knife. Pointing
out the places where you could take some rest or spend a night on the
way to the top.

Every mountain has at least one route to the top and one can find an
endless number of images on the internet with routes to climb. And
when there is a route to the top there is always the possibility to
find an alternative and more exciting route to the top.

In a way, this table presentation of the project was asking to add
this new additional chapter to the work and I enjoyed every second of
skimming the internet for images of climbing routes to the top of
mountain peeks.

1336988294_Climbingpaths_1_.jpg 1336988294_Climbingpaths_2_.jpg 1336988295_Climbingpaths_3_.jpg 1336988295_Climbingpaths_4_.jpg 1336988295_Climbingpaths_5_.jpg 1336988296_Climbingpaths_6_.jpg 1336988296_Climbingpaths_7_.jpg 1336988296_Climbingpaths_8_.jpg