Cursus Fotoboek - van beeld tot publicatie

1 November 2017

Fotoboek - van beeld tot publicatie Deze Intensieve Expert Sessie: 'Fotoboek - van beeld tot publicatie' is voor professionele fotografen die als doel hebben een Fotoboek te ontwikkelen en te publiceren. Wat komt er aan bod?In de lessen worden concrete onderwerpen …


German Magazine Kwerfeldein wrote about Sketch #05 Hold Still. Keeps me going..

15 May 2017

Happy to read what the German Magazine Kwerfeldein wrote about Sketch #05 Hold Still. Keeps me going..


Sketch Letter every Friday containing a new photographic sketch

27 April 2017

New Sketches coming up. Over the course of a full year I will send out a Sketch Letter every Friday containing a new photographic sketch. It wil be hot from the press, unpublished and made over the course of that very week. Whereas I can focus for years on a certain …


Rooftops in Havanna

1 December 2016

At the start of the year I wil be working on the rooftops of Havanna.


Interview by Wired about the ongoing arctic project 'I Can Hear The Waves'

14 January 2016

Written by Laura Mallonee MORE THAN 400 years ago, the intrepid Dutch navigator Willem Barentsz set off on an expedition to find a northeast passage to Asia. Instead, he found the frozen archipelago of Svalbard, a place now inhabited by a small community of scientists who …


Publication Dankzij Sem Presser Archief

19 September 2015

19th September 2015. I Can Hear The Waves is published in 'Dankzij SEM Presser Archief'. This photobook is an initiative of the Sem Presser Foundation.

exposition fotofestival Naarden

Publicated in Het Beste Nederlandse Fotoboek 1993-2015

17 May 2015

17th May of 2015. The Kees Scherer Photo Archive Foundation picks every year the best Dutch Photobook. In 2009, Mist won the Kees Scherer price. All the winners from 1993-2015 are bundled in the book with an exhibition at photofestival Naarden.


Workshop, lecture and exhibition in Paradise

22 October 2014

The 26 th of September, I will be giving a Workshop in Brasil about photo book making. 83 DAYS OF DARKNESS E OUTROS FOTOLIVROS Data: 26 September, Friday Schedule: das 10h às 18h Where: Pousada do Ouro (Dr. Roe. Pear 145) Language: English Jobs: 20 Value: 450,00


Days I Spend With You

1 September 2014

New work coming up in September at FOTODOK museum, Utrecht. Chapter three, Close ups taken from sea-paintings She is watching. Time and time again she moves closer and then slowly walks backwards. After she has left, I do the same. The paint changes into waves when I …


'83 Days of Darkness' exhibition at the Moscow Photo Biennale 2014

8 April 2014

Invited by curator Anna Zaitseva of the Moscow Photo biennale, I will exhibit my project ’83 Days of Darkness’ at one of the six locations in town; the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. The exhibition will take place from the 12th of april till the 18th of may 2014. The …


'Ondertussen' Publication and exhibition..

1 January 2014

In the year in which Amsterdam has been celebrating 400 years since construction began on the Canal Ring, photographers Bas Losekoot, Erwin van Amstel and Niels Stomps have been creating a portrait of the city’s three longest canals, looking at the area and its people in …


Early Birds series on Cnn with a small Interview

1 July 2013

http://cnnphotos.blogs.cnn.com/2013/07/19/early-birds-found-in-flight/ Photographer Niels Stomps considers himself an explorer of places and people. His work focuses on how people adapt to their surroundings and the ways in which a place can affect the behavior of its …


Out of office, to New York

1 June 2013

I will be photographing in New York from the 1 of June until the 18th of for the Metropolitan Area project.


Studio Print Sale!!

28 March 2013

Studio Print Sale!! Over the last 3 years I have been working on a photo project titled “Metropolitan Area”. In order to finance and finish the last part of this project I’m organizing a large print sale in my studio. For previous exhibitions and festivals I …



1 February 2013

Altitude Studio Preview show at JONGENSVANHETDOK February 2013 and ongoing


83 Days at Vaque Storytelling in New York

14 September 2012

Vague Storytelling Curated by Leslie Grant and Grant Willing September 14 – October 27, 2012 Opening Reception: Friday, September 14, 6-8pm Featuring: Pierre Le Hors Florian Göttke & Rebecca Sakoun Niels Stomps Wytske van Keulen To consider place: …


83 Days of Darkness on show in Budapest @ Photolumen

17 June 2012

Every winter between 11 November and 2 February the sun fails to rise above the flanks of the Alps, leaving the North Italian village of Viganella completely in shadow. Situated in a narrow valley at the end of an 80-kilometer road it is subject to an exodus of its …


Celebration of the photobook

20 May 2012

Dutch photobooks have been internationally praised for years. The exhibition “Celebration of the Photobook” at the Nederlands Fotomuseum will for the first time shed light on the recent history of the Dutch photo book, by displaying its highlights from over the years as …


Exhibition Leipzig Opening @ D21 Kunstraum

12 May 2012

The opening fo the Leipzig exhibition. It will be held at opened until 10 June. D21 Kunstraum Demmeringstraße 21, 04177 Leipzig The good thing about making a photo-book is that once it is there, the work is finished. At least until the '83 days of Darkness' …


83 Days of Darkness on show in Leipzig and Dresden

11 May 2012

The body of work, '83 Days of Darkness' will be featured in Leipzig and Dresden. The exhibition in Leipzig will open May 11th, followed by the opening in Dresden on the 16th of June.


'83 Days of Darkness' op long-list voor Dutch-Doc award

21 March 2012

‘Een gevarieerde collectie, van klassieke fotoboeken tot aan apps, vormt de longlist van de Dutch Doc Award 2012, de grootste prijs voor documentaire fotografie,’ aldus de organisatie. Zes van de 38 voorgedragen projecten worden door de jury geselecteerd voor de shortlist …


Group show at The Photo+Art Book Hamburg

30 November 2011

My work '83 DAYS OF DARKNESS' was featured on a group show of 18 Dutch and Belgian artists curated by Misha Kominek. Together with Christian Lutz, Geert van Kesteren, Florian Van Roekel, Anouk Kruithof, Carl de Keyzer, Jan Banning, Gabor Ösz, Paul Kooiker, Erik van …


83 Days in ‘De Volkskrant’ and ‘de Morgen’

23 November 2011

Today in de Volkskrant, thanks for the newspaper sunlight picture from Bas van Eijk. Article from Inaki Onorbe Genovesi, Volkskrant


Julidans And Paradiso billbord arround Amsterdam

22 September 2011

Assignment for Julidans and Paradiso this summer


Still in progress: a new body of work titled 'Metropolitan Aria' to be seen at Noorderlicht Photo-festival in Groningen until the 9th of October.

5 September 2011

11 September through 9 October 2011, Groningen, The Netherlands OPENING SEPTEMBER 10, 17.00 hrs (invitation only) Metropolitan area Humanity is at a turning point in history. The year 2007 was the year where, for the first time, a majority of human beings were living …


New work and publication coming up in june

6 April 2011

Last winter the project conceived earlier under the working-title "83 Days of Darkness" reached its further form and realization. It tells the story about a small community in the mountains of Northern Italy. In several chapters it shows the relationship between the …


Clouds in Russian Esquire Magazine

4 March 2011

Russian Esquire Magazine will be publishing images from the series clouds in their next May issue.


Lecture in Eindhoven at Galerie Pennings

2 March 2011

Niels Stomps was een van de genomineerden voor de Harry Penningsprijs 2009. Tijdens de expositie in het kader van die prijs in Galerie Pennings toonde hij foto’s van opzienbarende reizen naar het eiland Svalbard boven de poolcirkel en Centraal China. Reden om hem nog eens …


New series at GD4PhotoArt exhibition Italy

30 October 2010

GD4PhotoArt exhibition from September 30th to November 2nd 2010 The opening of the photographic exhibition of GD4PhotoArt Second Edition, promoted by G.D and Fondazione Isabella Seràgnoli, will take place on Thursday 30th of September at 6.30 pm at the Pinacoteca …


Little big press | Opening Officine Fotografiche Saturday October 9th | 8.30 pm

8 October 2010

The preview edition of the El Dorado publication is exhibited at the Little Big Press in Rome. Thanks to Little Big Press, an exhibition curated by 3/3 (Chiara Capodici and Fiorenza Pinna), currently on show at Officine Fotografiche as part of the photographic festival …


New Series with Wildlife crossings coming up

19 August 2010

The Netherlands contains an impressive display of over 600 wildlife crossings (including underpasses and ecoducts) that have been used to protect populations of Wild Boar, Red dear, Roe Dera, and the endangered European badger.


Mist at New York Photo Festival and a Lecture in Kassel for the Fotobook festival

4 May 2010

NYPH10 Mist Special Edition will be part of NYPH10 in the Dutch Doc Pavilion, 12-16 May 2010. www.nyphotofestival.com Photobook Festival From 13 to 16 May 2010, the 3. International Photobook Festival Kassel is once again addressing the recent development of the …


Nomination for the Prix Pictet

1 May 2010

One of the partners of 3/3 research lab on photographic image, a studio working on photographic projects located in Rome Nominated my work for this years cicle of the Prix-Picted prize that this year is centered on the theme ‘Growth’, www.prixpictet.com, …