Sketch Letter every Friday containing a new photographic sketch

27 April 2017

New Sketches coming up.

Over the course of a full year I will send out a Sketch Letter every Friday containing a new photographic sketch. It wil be hot from the press, unpublished and made over the course of that very week.

Whereas I can focus for years on a certain photo project, these sketch series are a valuable counterpart on my work.
Its important to me to stay productive and actively keep on searching, working intuitively and playing with visual storytelling. To be on the lookout for meaningful things. Collecting and connecting myself with the things and people around me.

I decided to challenge myself by making a new sketch every week for over period of a year, and publish it without questioning too much what it is about.
Anyway, I want to inspire myself and you by doing this. But i kind of need you as my audience to do this. So feel free to view the weekly sketch, or reply to these letters with questions, comments and suggestions.

Want these letters to, sent me an email just say: Yes. in the subject line.