Publicated in Het Beste Nederlandse Fotoboek 1993-2015

17 May 2015

17th May of 2015. The Kees Scherer Photo Archive Foundation picks every year the best Dutch Photobook. In 2009, Mist won the Kees Scherer price. All the winners from 1993-2015 are bundled in the book with an exhibition at photofestival Naarden.

exposition fotofestival Naarden The book cover 1459851097_PublicatedinHetBesteNederlandseFotoboek1993-2015_2_.jpg 1459851098_PublicatedinHetBesteNederlandseFotoboek1993-2015_3_.jpg 1459852029_PublicatedinHetBesteNederlandseFotoboek1993-2015_1_.jpg 1459852029_PublicatedinHetBesteNederlandseFotoboek1993-2015_2_.jpg