Studio Print Sale!!

28 March 2013

Studio Print Sale!!

Over the last 3 years I have been working on a photo project titled “Metropolitan Area”.
In order to finance and finish the last part of this project I’m organizing a large print sale in my studio.

For previous exhibitions and festivals I gathered quite a number of items that I keep in stock here. For me organizing selling these works can be a helpful way of collecting the funds to finish my project. And in the meantime it offers a playful sneak peak into the progress of the projects and in my way of working.
I’ll be selling over a hundred prints:
dibont-mounted, alu-mounted, foam-mounted,
polaroids, dummies,
Special Editions.

There’ll be items from projects such as Mist, 83 Days of Darkness and items from lots of other sketches. Also some single images will be on display.
In various formats:
framed and unframed, large and small, artist prints and test prints
and even some slightly damage prints.

The works will be displayed on walls and tables and on the floor.
Pricing will be fair. However, the keen eye can find some real bargains this day!
A perfect opportunity
to lay your hand on new work, exhibited work and work in progress.

Thursday 28th of March 2013
Starting: 17:00 until 21:00 hrs
Westerdoksdijk 213,
1013 AD Amsterdam
(a 5 minutes’ walk from Central Station)

“Metropolitan Area” is a photo-project which constitutes a vertical cross section of metropolitan life in New York.
It seeks to show the several layers of life that I distinguished. And it wants to expose the connections between the city and its residents:
by literally laying bare these different layers, showing everything that happens between the smog above the buildings and the sewers beneath the city and showing how people and city relate.

1363952669_StudioPrintSale_1_.jpg 1363164423_StudioPrintSale_1_.jpg 1363164424_StudioPrintSale_2_.jpg 1363164424_StudioPrintSale_3_.jpg 1364375533_StudioPrintSale_4_.jpg 1363164425_StudioPrintSale_4_.jpg 1363164425_StudioPrintSale_5_.jpg 1364375531_StudioPrintSale_1_.jpg 1363775928_StudioPrintSale_1_.jpg 1364376333_StudioPrintSale_1_.jpg 1364375341_StudioPrintSale_3_.jpg 1363775928_StudioPrintSale_2_.jpg 1363775929_StudioPrintSale_6_.jpg 1363775929_StudioPrintSale_7_.jpg 1363775929_StudioPrintSale_8_.jpg 1363775929_StudioPrintSale_9_.jpg 1363775930_StudioPrintSale_10_.jpg 1363775930_StudioPrintSale_11_.jpg 1363775930_StudioPrintSale_12_.jpg 1363775931_StudioPrintSale_13_.jpg 1363775931_StudioPrintSale_14_.jpg 1363775932_StudioPrintSale_15_.jpg 1363775932_StudioPrintSale_16_.jpg 1363775932_StudioPrintSale_18_.jpg 1363775933_StudioPrintSale_19_.jpg 1363776206_StudioPrintSale_1_.jpg 1364376333_StudioPrintSale_2_.jpg 1363776207_StudioPrintSale_2_.jpg 1363776207_StudioPrintSale_3_.jpg 1363776207_StudioPrintSale_4_.jpg 1363776207_StudioPrintSale_5_.jpg 1363776208_StudioPrintSale_6_.jpg 1363776208_StudioPrintSale_7_.jpg 1363776209_StudioPrintSale_9_.jpg 1364375532_StudioPrintSale_2_.jpg 1363776209_StudioPrintSale_10_.jpg 1363776209_StudioPrintSale_11_.jpg 1363776210_StudioPrintSale_12_.jpg 1363776210_StudioPrintSale_13_.jpg 1364375532_StudioPrintSale_3_.jpg 1363776211_StudioPrintSale_14_.jpg 1363776211_StudioPrintSale_15_.jpg 1363776211_StudioPrintSale_16_.jpg 1363776212_StudioPrintSale_17_.jpg 1363776212_StudioPrintSale_18_.jpg 1363776213_StudioPrintSale_19_.jpg 1363776524_StudioPrintSale_1_.jpg 1363776524_StudioPrintSale_2_.jpg 1363776525_StudioPrintSale_3_.jpg 1363776525_StudioPrintSale_4_.jpg 1363776525_StudioPrintSale_5_.jpg 1363776526_StudioPrintSale_6_.jpg 1364375534_StudioPrintSale_5_.jpg 1364375342_StudioPrintSale_4_.jpg 1364375342_StudioPrintSale_5_.jpg 1364376333_StudioPrintSale_4_.jpg