Celebration of the photobook

20 May 2012

Dutch photobooks have been internationally praised for years. The exhibition “Celebration of the Photobook” at the Nederlands Fotomuseum will for the first time shed light on the recent history of the Dutch photo book, by displaying its highlights from over the years as well as giving insight into their making. The exhibition coincides with the publication of “The Dutch Photobook”, edited by Rik Suermondt and Frits Gierstberg. From the thousands of photo books that have been published since 1945, they selected over 120 of the most important publications to include in their book.

De exhibition shows a selection of titles from the publication, together with related dummies, photo’s, contact sheets, designs and a selection of child photo books. Since the makers chose to highlight the post-war photo book tradition, a lot of new books will also pass in review.