Little big press | Opening Officine Fotografiche Saturday October 9th | 8.30 pm

8 October 2010

The preview edition of the El Dorado publication is exhibited at the Little Big Press in Rome.

Thanks to Little Big Press, an exhibition curated by 3/3 (Chiara Capodici and Fiorenza Pinna), currently on show at Officine Fotografiche as part of the photographic festival Fotoleggendo.

1332759992_LittlebigpressOpeningOfficineFotograficheSaturdayOctober9th830pm_1_.jpg 1332759992_LittlebigpressOpeningOfficineFotograficheSaturdayOctober9th830pm_2_.jpg 1332759993_LittlebigpressOpeningOfficineFotograficheSaturdayOctober9th830pm_3_.jpg 1332759993_LittlebigpressOpeningOfficineFotograficheSaturdayOctober9th830pm_4_.jpg